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Open Innovation Program
for Fintech Startups

created by Nova SBE

Academy has a role to play as a safe and controlled environment for experimentation allowing a free movement of ideas to co-create unparalleled financial products and services. Join our associated partners in the movement of transforming the financial sector.

Outcomes-driven Partnerships 
between Enterprises and Startups

The financial services industry is being transformed by increased regulation, greater demand for transparency, and the digitization of the sales process and customer experience.

Technology is key to the success of financial institutions now and into the future helping to shape the client experience and enabling continuous product innovation.

The interest and commitment of the startup community to solving  fintech challenges globally is driving enterprises to partner with later-stage startups turning thought-leading visions and disruptive technologies into game changing successes.

This is where you step in! Startups that demonstrate the value of their solutions to our prominent set of Challenge Partners and that can make a significant contribution to change the industry's landscape will lead the way into a 3-month piloting opportunity.

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Corporate Partners:


The Program

A 12 week partially remote program for late-stage startups looking to scale their businesses through addressing key challenges for our associated partners and engaging in a pilot solution development for the financial services industry.

  • Why you should apply

    • Capitalise on the interconnectedness of key verticals of the financial services industry whilst using Nova SBE as a dynamic platform to co-create unparalleled products and services
    • One-on-ones with our Challenge Partners to understand in detail their innovation needs and fine tune angles of cooperation
    • Leverage a vast academic network of faculty, students and alumni for additional support, collaboration and potential business opportunities
    • Gain curated access to industry experts, business-oriented workshops and Nova SBE Founders' Community
    • Benefit from privileged access to Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem, an innovation meeting point to breed new business models, products and solutions

  • Who should apply

    • You have an innovative tech solution on the fintech space that meets one of the program challenges
    • Your business is in growth stage startup or scale-up or you are at launch stage but already have a MVP
    • Your startup can be based in any geographic location but see a strategic fit in implementing your solution in Western Europe


The Challenges

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  • 1. Open and Embedded Finance

    Evolution towards a digital ecosystem that’s highly connected between banks, fintechs, and third-party contributors

    • Open Banking compliance: Payment Service Direct 2 (PSD2) and Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs)
    • BaaS (banking-as-a-service) infrastructure

  • 2. Payments

    The digitisation of money and the mobile wallet revolution

    • Real time payments capabilities
    • Secure and seamless authentication solutions (biometric, …)
    • Machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance fraud prevention capabilities
    • Virtual cards
    • Payroll fintech platforms

  • 3. Digital Assets and DeFi

    DeFi, blockchain, crypto, tokenisation and metaverse will transform the financial markets

    • Blockchain for digital assets
    • Robot process automation (branchless banks, …)

  • 4. Financial inclusion and Sustainability

    A system that creates value and transacts financial assets in ways that shape real wealth to serve the long- term needs of an inclusive, environmentally sustainable economy

    • Branchless, paperless, and operating on renewable energy
    • Perspectives on the circular economy and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)
    • Responsible investing and ESG impact measurement
    • Eco-friendly alternatives, avoid unsustainable products and services, or calculate carbon footprint

  • 5. Data Management

    Leverage analytics and behavioural science data to new customer acquisition and customer experience

    • Datasets, analytics, and capabilities to better serve
    • advisors, clients, and prospects
    • Effective centralized data management (the industry is flooded with data that is disjointed, redundant, unclear and at times not easily accessible)

  • 6. Blockchain and DLT

    Security, transparency, trust, programmability, privacy, high- performance and scalability

    • Use of blockchain technology to provide trust, transparency, and traceability
    • Multi-party confirmation, transfer of trade and settlement information



D0n't miss out!


    Scouting the most promising and innovative startups.

    Deadline: 24th February

    2 days Matchmaking event on campus with 15-20 pre-selected startups tackling real innovation challenges launched be the associate partners.

    Day 1:
    Meet the partners, meet the startups and meet the school!

    Day 2:
    Focus on the opportunities you want to explore and present them to the partners you intend to work with

    13th April to 14th April

    The startups with the best fit to the partners challenges will be able to co-create and co-develop innovative solutions.

    15th April to 27th June

    Private event where you will be presenting the outcomes of the pilots developed to a restricted audience of the partners' teams and the school's academy.

    28th June


Where will it take place?


Carcavelos Campus,
Rua da Holanda, no. 1,
2775-405 Carcavelos,

Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem

Nova SBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute



  • António Fontes

    Head of Transformation and Innovation


    • Learn more

      We assume that innovation is part of our DNA. We were born in 1994 as the first Phone Bank in Portugal. In 2001, we began to offer investment solutions to our Customers. In 2010, we launched a new concept to transform the banking experience. We redesigned our services in a way that you only pay for what you use and identify the specific benefits that are presented to you, all in a clear and transparent manner. We did our best to simplify our branches' operational procedures, reduce the use of paper as much as we could, invest in technology to speed up processes and simplify our Customers' life.

      As our Principles and Values we have:

      • No Card annual fees or Account maintenance fees
      • You can always have the Bank at your fingertips by using two completely innovative mobile apps
      • Access to simple products
      • A speedy process of Account opening, with immediate access to Cards

      Since 2010 we won a wide range of national and international awards for our customer service and innovation.

      We are committed to make a difference and deliver a different type of banking for Portugal that is described through our statement: Simplify our Customer's life!


      Lastest awards

      • Award given by "ConsumerChoice", in 2023, for the fifth time in a row, in the category "Banco Digital" in Portugal
      • Award given by FIVE STARS CONSULTING PORTUGAL, LDA., in 2022, for the third year in a row, in the category "Banca Digital" in Portugal
      • Award given by Sábado and Marktest, in 2022, for the second time in a row, in the category "Bancos Online" in Portugal

  • Pedro Herédia

    Business Development and PMO

    Banco Primus

    • Learn more

      Based in Lisbon, Banco Primus was founded in 2005 and is part of Groupe BPCE, the second largest banking group in France. With offices in Portugal and Spain, we operate within the consumer credit market, offering our customers, both individuals and corporate, responsible, simple and innovative auto and personal loans. Our statement “O seu Futuro Primeiro” (Your Future First) reflects our mission, the creation of benefits and opportunities for Customers, Partners, Employees and Shareholders. Nowadays, Banco Primus is honored to embrace over 130 Employees across Iberia, supporting more than 35.000 active Customers and circa 1.500 active Partners, constituting “Banco Primus´ family” with a unique IP and aligned to maintain the increasing footprint’s trend with an ambitious, sustainable and innovative strategy.

  • Carlos Silva

    Senior Advisor to the Board


    • Learn more

      INCM, The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office, is a government owned public company resulting from the merger of the National Printing Office (Imprensa Nacional) and the Portuguese Mint (Casa da Moeda). The long history of the companies that gave rise to INCM makes it the heir of the oldest industrial establishments in the country.

      The company is responsible for the production of goods and services essential to the functioning of the Portuguese Government, such as high security identity and travel documents, coins and official publications, as well as a relevant set of products and services to provide other Governments or companies with essential solutions to securely identify and authenticate persons or products providing the confidence in the critical activities of society.

      The new technologies make security printing and digital security activities strategic areas for the company’s development, with the most modern and secure identification solutions, in physical and digital supports. The authentication of precious metal objects is also a task in which INCM has a long tradition. Publishing essential literary works of the Portuguese language and culture is another INCM ́s mission carried assuring the preservation of Portuguese language.

      Innovation is part of INCM’s DNA and is the basis of a collaborative strategy, responsible for the integration of research in the development of innovative R&D projects.

      INCM holds an innovation department (INCMLAB) which is focused on accelerating businesses, developing new security solutions and new technologies to emerge products with high added value throughout a RDI process. INCMLab strategic lines are focused on the introduction of new products in INCM’s fields of activity namely, Identification and Asset management, such as Digital Identification, products authentication, Traceability and Brand Protection, as well as eGovernment Services.

  • Daniel Pereira

    Senior Manager


    • Learn more

      LTPlabs is a boutique analytical-driven management consultancy company that applies advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions, build more productive systems, illuminate management issues, and solve tough managerial problems. It is the blend of analytical capabilities and business flair that truly sets us apart from other providers. Reputable retailers, consumer goods companies and manufacturers trust us as a key partner for business analytics. We have more than 200 projects in 20 countries.

      Although we heavily rely on information systems, it is the analytical power of our team that makes us different.

      We have a group of 70 LTPeers with an emphasis on diversity, but who shares the vision of exactness, results, and collaboration. Our strong research background makes our solutions innovative and the working environment relaxed, but proficient.

  • Luis Roquette Geraldes

    Corporate Partner

    Morais Leitão, Team Genesis

    • Learn more

      Following up on know-how gathered over the last decade, Morais Leitão decided to set up Team Genesis in order to cater for specific needs of emerging/growth companies and their investors (venture capital and private equity). Our work focuses predominantly on tech and life sciences.

      By leveraging Morais Leitão’s international network (through our Morais Leitão Legal Circle or global alliances Lex Mundi and L&E Global), Team Genesis has been particularly active in advising our clients in their international expansion efforts. We act as PMO (project manager owner) effectively coordinating local counsel and the client’s matters with a single main point of contact.

      We specialize in “bet the company” transactions. The team is extremely active and experienced in national and international investment rounds and exits, notably equity rounds (seed and preferred rounds), convertible notes (or convertible equity/advanced subscription), venture debt and trade sales (including acqui-hires), advising both founders and investors.

      Our lawyers have been very active in providing high value regulatory advice, i.e., regulatory validation of business models, new products at inception and/or when scaling to new geographies/jurisdictions.

  • Christophe Girondel

    Global Head of Institutional and Wholesale Distribution, Nordea Asset Management

    Nordea Asset Management

    • Learn more

      Nordea Asset Management (NAM, AuM 237bn EUR*), is part of the Nordea Group, the largest financial services group in the Nordic region (AuM 341bn EUR*). NAM offers European and global investors’ exposure to a broad set of investment funds. We serve a wide range of clients and distributors which include banks, asset managers, independent financial advisors and insurance companies.

      Nordea Asset Management has a presence in Bonn, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, New York, Oslo, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Singapore, Stockholm, Vienna and Zurich. Nordea's local presence goes hand in hand with the objective of being accessible and offering the best service to clients.

      Nordea’s success is based on a sustainable and unique multi-boutique approach that combines the expertise of specialised internal boutiques with exclusive external competences allowing us to deliver alpha in a stable way for the benefit of our clients. NAM solutions cover all asset classes from fixed income and equity to multi asset solutions, and manage local and European as well as US, global and emerging market products.

      *Source: Nordea Investment Funds, S.A., 30.09.2022

  • Tiago Sampaio

    Senior Manager Digital Store Solutions

    Pingo Doce, Jerónimo Martins Group

    • Learn more

      Pingo Doce is a Supermarket banner of the Jerónimo Martins Group. It was founded in 1980 and it is the leading chain in the Supermarket segment in Portugal, offering high quality food products at competitive prices. With more than 460 stores spread across 300 locations, we’re renowned for our expertise in Perishables, Private Brand and Meal Solutions.

      What makes us different is how we focus on delivering (1) high-quality and varied Perishables, (2) a Private Brand with a top quality/price ratio, (3) a Meal Solutions offer that covers Ready to Cook, Ready to Heat and Ready to Eat options, (4) a varied food and non-food assortment with a very competitive pricing policy, (5) a unique Store Environment that recreates a traditional town market shopping experience, and (6) a widespread presence throughout hundreds of our country’s cities and villages.

      Jerónimo Martins (JM), our parent company, is an international Group based in Portugal with over 230 years of know-how in the food business. It is ranked 49th in the “Global Powers of Retailing 2021” list. JM addresses the daily needs of millions of consumers in 3 countries, through a value proposition based on quality food at competitive prices. Food distribution is JM’s main activity and is worth over 98% of the Group’s sales. In Poland, it owns the Hebe beauty store chain and the Polish network of 3,500+ Biedronka food stores, the Group’s largest business. In Portugal, asides from Pingo Doce, it owns Recheio, the leader in the cash and carry market. In Colombia, the Group owns the Ara chain, which has over 1,000 discount stores. JM also develops a large-scale agribusiness operation.

      JM’s Recent Awards and Recognitions

      • Present in more than 100 international sustainability indices, which recognise our commitment towards implementing good ESG practices;
      • Classified with double A by CDP – Disclosure Insight Action – in the programmes “Climate change” and “Management of water as a critical resource”. As for fighting deforestation, the Group is the only food retailer in the world classified with a leadership level (A-) in the commodities palm oil, beef and soya, associated with the risk of deforestation;
      • Included in the Financial Times European Climate Leaders 2021 list.

      Find out more about us here!

  • Miguel Gaspar

    Advisor for the Board of Directors


    • Learn more

      Founded in 1983, SIBS provides financial, modern, reliable, and secure services in the payments’ area, to more than 150 million users from three different continents, processing more than 7 billion transactions annually. Alongside being a major payment processor in Europe, SIBS offers Digital Certificate solutions, is a benchmark in Security and Anti-Fraud solutions and services in Business Process Outsourcing, and the Iberian leader in Card Production and Personalization. SIBS takes technology as its driver and through it reinvented existing payment methods and created MB WAY, Portugal's most modern and complete mobile payments service, with more than 4,5 M users that make purchases, instant transfers and withdrawals using only the smartphone. It’s also responsible for the management of ATM Express and MULTIBANCO Networks, to which SIBS added dozens of features, many of them pioneer worldwide, turning the largest ATM network in Portugal also one of the most complete in the world. In parallel, SIBS manages multiple digital payment channels, from Automatic Payment Terminals to online channels or mobile phones. The company developed the SIBS API MARKET, a one stop shop for any fintech interested in connecting to the Portuguese financial ecosystem.

      SIBS established itself as an important international player, present in several markets, namely in Europe, Asia and Africa, where SIBS solutions operate in more than 350 thousand terminals that process around 2 billion transactions. Noteworthy SIBS activity in Romania, and in Poland, where SIBS owns Paytel, one of the most dynamic payment terminal operators in that market. SIBS has a relevant position in these major markets in Central and Eastern Europe, contributing with Portuguese technology and expertise to the development and digitalization of these countries.



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